At Young's Memorials, we can offer you many different accessories that can be used to accent and complement the memorial you have selected. These are described below...

Flower Vases
Flower vases are a popular addition to any memorial. You can choose from many different styles and colours and materials. Depending on the memorial you have selected, up to three vases can be added easily. Browse our gallery of vases for more details.

Ceramic Photos
You can place any photo of your loved one(s) on a memorial. Just bring in a favorite photo and it will be used to create a beautiful image on ceramic. Don't have just the right photo, let our graphics technician combine images from two or more photos into one. If you like, you can have separate photos of each person. Here are just a couple of examples.

7cm x 9 cm Oval

12cm x 9 cm Rectangle

Sandblasted Engraving
Many designs can be sandblasted onto a monument. You will see many examples of this as you browse our product galleries. Sandblasted engravings are usually somewhat coarser than laser engravings and a great addition to a memorial. The image on the right shows Elmo holding the ceramic photo of a beautiful little girl...a wonderful example of how two optional elements work together l to achieve a touching statement.

Laser Engraving
Just about any photograph can be laser engraved onto a monument. Many examples are displayed in our product galleries. Laser engravings are very fine in quality and detail and add beauty to any memorial. The images on the right shows what can be accomplished with laser engraving.

Grave Covers
Grave covers can visually enhance the overall look of the grave site. Grave covers can be ordered in black, grey and red granite as well as beige fiberglass. The nominal size for grave covers is 3' x 7'.